Below is a letter to Gerard Souham from President Ronald Reagan regarding Gerard's son Glenn Souham.

Glenn Souham Letter from President Ronald Reagan

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Glenn Souham also received Private Sector Initiative Commendation from President Ronald Reagan. Below is the picture

The Maltese Cross was conferred upon Glenn Souham June 3, 1987 "Alla Memoria" - Certificate signed by the Grand Chancellor of the Solemn Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta

Text of letter from President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan to Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Souham on the loss of their son, Glenn Souham:

"October 7, 1986

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Souham:

Nancy and I were saddened by the news of Glenn's death. As parents we share a measure of your sorrow in losing a child. Although there are no words to ease the pain you feel at this time, We want you to know that we are remembering you in our thoughts and prayers.

We were especially proud to have Glenn's support with our private sector initiatives programs. The assistance of people like Glenn and yourselves has helped make these programs a success. You can be sure that Glenn's spirit of compassion, cooperation and commitment will long be remembered by all who knew him.

May God bless you and keep you.


Ronald Reagan

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Souham